Journal Papers: 2018

Papers published at 2018 in journals indexed in the Web of Science.

Apostolaki, E.T., Holmer, M., Santinelli, V., Karakassis, I. 2018. Species-specific response to sulfide intrusion in native and exotic Mediterranean seagrasses under stress. Marine Environmental Research, 134, pp. 85-95.

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Dimitriadis, C., Fournari – Konstantinidou, I., Sourbès, L., Koutsoubas, D., Mazaris, A.D. 2018. Reduction of sea turtle population recruitment caused by nightlight: Evidence from the Mediterranean region. Ocean and Coastal Management, 153, pp. 108-115.

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Kantsa A., Raguso R.A., Dyer A.G., Olesen J.M., Tscheulin T., Petanidou T. 2018. Disentangling the role of floral sensory stimuli in pollination networks. Nature Communications 9, 1041, doi:10.1038/s41467-018-03448-w

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Mazaris, A.D., Gkazinou, C., Almpanidou, V., Balazs, G. 2018. The sociology of sea turtle research: evidence on a global expansion of co-authorship networks. Biodiversity and Conservation, DOI: 10.1007/s10531-018-1506-1

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Rigal, F., Cardoso, P., Lobo, J.M., Triantis, K.A., Whittaker, R.J., Amorim, I.R., Borges, P.A.V. 2018. Functional traits of indigenous and exotic ground-dwelling arthropods show contrasting responses to land-use change in an oceanic island, Terceira, Azores. Diversity and Distributions, 24 (1), pp. 36-47.

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