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Friday, 28 November 2014


Welcome to Hellenic Ecological Society!

Welcome to the webpage of HELECOS, the Hellenic Ecological Society.

Ecology is the science concerned with understanding the distribution and abundance of natural organisms. Ecology scientifically explores the interactions of organisms with each other, with the physical environment and with Humankind. In less than 40 years, Ecology has emerged from relative obscurity to take a position of central importance both in the understanding of biology and in our approach to the state of the Earth. Thus, in both scientific and political terms, Ecology thus plays a central role in this “Century of Biology”.

The purpose of HELECOS is to advance the scientific approach to Ecology in Greece through research and education. The Hellenic Ecological Society was established in 2004 and currently has approximately 50 members. The Society is funded through membership.

Currently the main activity of HELECOS is to link together scientists, students and the public in Greece, providing Greek ecologists with current information about events. HELECOS provides information about upcoming activities both in Greece and abroad including conferences, workshops, summer schools and similar events. It also provides information about opportunities in ecological research, in conservation and similar activities in Greece.

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