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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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Friday, 12 February 2016 07:41

Published on behalf of the European Ecological Federation

Dear colleagues,

Web Ecology has had a wonderful 2015 year and 15th anniversary, and with your help it is headed towards a promising 2016.

During 2015 we received a total of 64 submissions, of which 48% were accepted for publication, more than half of those after only one round of revision. Our median time from submission to acceptance for publication was only 70 days, down from 162 days in 2014.

Our 2015 Volume was complemented by two special issues: In addition to our compilatory special issue "Plant-plant interactions: from competition to facilitation", we published a special issue "Ecology at the Interface" with selected contributions from the European Ecological Federation conference in Rome.

Many of the contributions to “Ecology at the Interface” are still being processed and will be available in the following weeks, but many others are already available, including an stimulating editorial note by EEF’s President, Prof. Alberto Basset, and contributions from V. Bonhomme et al. describing the evolutionary history of wheat and barley seed morphology; F. Bussotti and M. Pollastrini explaining how tree species richness and stand structure affect photosynthesis; T. Marañón et al. about how different tree species alter the chemistry of contaminated soils; F. Amaral and M. Abelho explaining how agricultural practices affect soil and microbial nutrient content; G.H. Kagezi et al. about how land use affects litter decomposition; K. Laze and E. Gordon about habitat modelling of Lynx; L. Scapin et al. about seagrass habitat restoration; and S. Fattoriini about island biogeography and insect conservation in urban areas, among many others.

We already have several papers published in our 2016 Volume, and we are looking forward to your submissions in any of our modalities, including standard articles, short communications, and Agora: Ideas and Concepts. With your help we are building again a very interesting 2016 Volume, and we will do our best to maintain our record-low processing times during this year too.

Web Ecology is indexed by Scopus, and it is currently being evaluated by Thompson to obtain an SCI impact factor. At the moment our publication fees are waived, thus being an excellent choice to publish your work in a quality journal fast, free, and in Open Access.

We want to thank to the European Ecological Federation for their continuous support, to our full Editorial Board, and to the reviewers that helped us to achieve record processing times while maintaining the high standard of scientific rigor and quality which characterizes Web Ecology since its inception in year 2000.

With our best wishes,

Daniel Montesinos and Jutta Stadler
Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor
Web Ecology


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