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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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Thursday, 29 May 2014 05:12

Dear Societies and colleagues,

This is the first message of what we expect to be a quarterly summary of news and publications from Web Ecology.

Thank you for forwarding this mail to all your members!

Web Ecology is the only EEF-wide scientific journal, and as such plays a key role in connecting scientists from all European Societies. We host scientific debates and publish articles from all areas of ecology. Web Ecology also publicizes EEF prizes, and publishes an essay or article from each year’s winner of the Haeckel prize and the Student’s European Ecology prize. Moreover, and although many EEF's member Societies have prominent scientific journals with international recognition, many other Societies lack an official scientific journal. Thus, one of the key vocational roles of Web Ecology is to service those Societies without their own scientific journals.

Publishing with Web Ecology has many advantages, among them:

  • Median time from submission to initial decision was only 49 days during 2013.
  • Open access publication. Publication fees are currently waived.
  • Short communications. Meaningful science with a maximum two figures and/or tables.
  • Agora, ideas and concepts: thoughtful debates and out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Also regular length papers, review papers, and comments/replies to previous papers.
  • Current number of citations per paper is 0.44
  • Individual Article-level-metrics.
  • World-class Editorial Board.
  • Waived submission fees for society members

Among our recent publications you can find:

  • Prizes awarded by the European Ecological Federation (2013): Haeckel Prize, and Student's European Ecology Prize
  • Opinion paper by Ernst-Delief Shulze (2013 Haeckel Prize) et al. on: Forest management and biodiversity.
  • Our full 2013 issue: including papers on community and population ecology, herpetology, spatial distribution methods, biodiversity, urban ecology, ornithology, restoration ecology, physiology and conservation. Web ecology is open to all areas of ecology.

Finally, we currently have two open Special Issues accepting submissions:

  • Moving concepts: ecological units in different contexts. Eds. K. Jax and A. Schwarz.
  • Ecological networks. Eds. Ruben Heleno and Daniel Montesinos.

We are looking forward for an active participation from all EEF members! 

With our best wishes, 

Daniel Montesinos, Editor-in-Chief
Jutta Stadler, Managing Editor 

Web Ecology




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